A day in my life with INH Hair

Ever since Insert Name Here Hair(INH Hair) came into being I have been following this brand religiously. Mostly because of my love for their founders Sharon and Jordynn who were previously associated with Colorpop cosmetics and inspired me more on a creative front and then came to be the brains behind INH Hair with the idea of reshaping the hair industry and bringing ponytail & hair extensions to the lives of every girl dreaming of low maintenance hair. Luckily for me, when I was approached by INH hair to collaborate with them and review one of the most popular ponytail extensions Brit and Miya, it was more like a fangirl moment for me to be contacted by a brand that I have been admiring for so long but it was also a new experience for me as never did I ever use ponytail extensions or any type of hair extensions in my life for fun sake. The most I have worn them is as a bun that too for my wedding day and that wasn’t actually fun. My head was heavy with the jeweller, bun, flowers and dupatta (a cloth used typically to cover head).

When Miya and Brit arrived, I was skeptical about the color match as everything was just online. I sent the INH Hair team, few of my hair pictures in natural light and they color matched me to the shades closest to my hair color & style. To my surprise, both Miya and Brit in Jet Black perfectly matched the tone of my hair. The quality of both the ponytail extensions actually surpassed my expectations. Although, It can take a couple of times of hit and trial if you are new to wearing extensions but trust me it feels so empowering once you get used to it. Tuck, wrap, pin, and boom ! You instantly start feeling like Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande or should I say Alicia Sierra (the badass inspector from Netflix series Money Heist).

So one day, I decided to wear INH Hair ponytail extensions right from the start of my day to right before bedtime to see how well it lasts and if there are any cons to these extensions.

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The extensions despite being made from Japanese synthetic fiber feels absolutely natural or even better than natural. Miya ponytail extension comes in a total of 11 colors, is 24″ long and is perm-straight in texture. On the other hand, Brit ponytail extension comes in 9 shades, is 26″ long and has soft curls at the bottom ends. I personally like Brit extension much more than Miya extension. I feel Miya is more like the girl next door, everyday extension with good volume whereas, Brit is more flirty, sassy, TGIF Friday type of girl who like to go with the trend. Both of them are a total vibe, you just have to pick the one that fits your vibe or mood.

I am impressed by the natural hair like quality of these synthetic ponytail hair extensions. The color match couln’d be better and all thanks to their digital team for the seamless service. Now, I am relieved that even if I get a short Bob hair cut once this COVID situation is over, I know that INH Hair will have my back.

Some drawbacks, the extension will undergo hair loss depending on how rigorously you use your extension. Secondly, once heated, the extension will lose their natural style so make sure that it is what you want when you are styling them. Thirdly, you might have to secure it with more than just 2 pins but that totally depends on your hair texture and volume, I loved using my hair cips for additional comfort and lastly, you do feel a noticeable difference in your hair weight, it’s not weightless.

Feel free to check out their website for more deals and bundles here: INH HAIR

DISCLAIMER: The INH ponytail hair extensions are gifted to me from INH Hair in lieu of honest and unbiased review. All opinions shared in this blog post and related social media posts are my own authentic views and perception of the INH Hair ponytail extensions.


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