We all are aware of the saying that nothing lasts forever. Neither circumstances, nor people nor love nor hate. Their is a time in our life when we all ponder over the question that why do I had to seal with it if it wasn’t meant to be mine. With our relationships, heart breaks and life long hurdles this pondering grows over time and without we are left with no answer.

Seasons change and people too. Time never stays the same and neither do circumstances. So many proverbs, quotations and saying but still no answer. Had the world and our confusions be so easy to solve their wouldn’t have been any dilemma , don’t know if it will be good or bad but atleast life would have been simpler.

I have seen my friends and my loved ones crying over the breakups they had, some over why haven’t they found the perfect one, my parents trying to save their relationships with rest of the family, my relatives disrupting their own family peace to find peace within their self and me trying figure out my happiness with all the rejections and disappointments I had in life. It’s sad to see the present state of world right now, because nothing is perennial not even me and you. So are the relations, time, situations and feelings. They may grow, they may fade and life changes. Sometimes you really want to quit, somedays are harder, some nights are lonelier and some relations you just cannot get away with. We start cribbing about it and blaming others or repenting at our own selves but one thing that keeps going on is ‘life’.

Think of the times 5-7 years ago and you will realize where you stood and what your expectations were, how much have they changed now and you as a person. When you don’t have any control on your own choices, transformations, relations and people in your life then how come you claim that forever from anyone else. Be it your blood relations of brothers, sisters, relatives or soul relations of friends, lovers etc. They are not meant to be controlled but to be accepted and felt.

Cherish the times you have, live each day like its your last, list your things to do before you die and read it everyday, travel alone, love unconditionally, eat without barriers, dress without stereotypes, be mad and be yourself. The day we stop controlling or manipulating our emotions, situations and beliefs is the day we will find ourselves. And I am a firm believer of what is meant to be yours will find its way and what is not will not. So worry less and live more.



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