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A traveler, explorer, learner and an avid basketball player. My life revolves around food, movies, novels and family.
What makes my life worth living is my ‘never to drop’ attitude….continuous zeal to fight for right. This quality comes from my father, a businessman by profession and an all-rounder by choice. He is my inspiration for life and the reason behind my ‘Fighter by Birth’ tattoo.
Some find me an introvert, some talk-a-trouble, some demanding, some clueless, some journalist and some politician. But to be true I am none of those and a bit of all of those, I am own self. Whatever you assume, I will be something else but something better. You may like me, you may not but you cannot ignore me.
Born in the divine land of Amritsar, Punjab and brought up in the famous ‘JHUMKA’ city of India i.e. Bareilly. I have earned a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication and a post graduate in Digital Media Marketing.

Everyone has a story, make yours worth IT.

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