Danish Pastry House: The Danish Retreat

The best way to kick off your visit at the newly opened Danish Pastry Cafe at the Toronto Eaton Centre would be by trying out the ‘Smohorn’. Actually, it is also my favourite drop-dead delicious chocolate filled croissant-like delicacy. What a beauty it made with my warm cup of cappuccino !

Hoj Snegi is another variety of a cinnamon bun crunchy from outside and it is soft and sugary from inside, this one was topped with some chocolate dressing and the flavours of cinnamon & chocolate made it a good cinnamon roll for when you are not looking for something too basic like the one at Tim Hortons and neither too sweet & creamilicous like Cinnabon.

Also, not to forget though not my favorite Chocolate Cake, but Gateau Marcel was a beauty of its own. Covered in cocoa powder and sprinkled with heart-shaped sprinklers, it made for a cutest Valentine dessert.

Despite not having a humongous seating area, the place offers a comfy vibe and a local bakery shop like iridescent smell. If you are going there on weekends, you stand a rare chance to be able to miss the lineups. The place always has a lineup and although it’s just the brand’s fourth location in Toronto, it is widely popular among its market and the unending variety of bread and pastries make it Toronto’s new perfect take-out pastry shop.


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