The power of light













You all must have heard about self realization, self actualization and more about introspection on self. When we were younger, our parents, teachers and even mentors told us number of time about the importance of realizing our potentials and now we hear it in bigger lectures, seminars and graduation speeches. So what is so important about realizing your true strengths. And have you really thought upon why is it given so much importance by all the successful people around the globe.

Just like our shadow, our potentials are hidden within us till the time we realize it’s the ‘right time’. It’s only when we get the right light from right direction that we are able to see it.

To share with you a major incident of my life. When I was young about 12 years I had this greater urge to travel in an aeroplane and visit a place. Coming from a middle class, small town family, travelling in a plane was not an affordable dream. And so my father said that tell your man to take you in plane someday but he cannot right now. I felt bad upon his response and disappointed on the fact that I had to wait for someone to take me abroad and wait for that time go come. And who knows if I would be able to get that dream come true or not.

This was a childish dream of a tender young teenage girl, cribbing to her dad about not being able to fulfill her desire to fly in a plane. Girls like flying, maybe because that is usually less expected from us. But less did my father and I knew that one day the same girl would be able to travel abroad all by herself for her studies and with that not just my dream but also my parents dream came true of sending their child abroad. To add to it, I am not just the first child from my family to go abroad for studies but I am also the first girl from my entire family to get this privilege. All because my father shared with me his dream of sending me abroad. And I realized that I not only had the capacity to fulfill my dreams but their dream too.

It takes a lot of daring, a lot of patience and a lot of determination to be able to realize your true worth. But this is what life is all about and it was never meant to be easy anyway. That is what I have deduced is the real flavour of life. You don’t realize it until you actually churn yourself to become what you always wanted, to reach what you have always longed for. It may be hard, it may be very hard and you will fall on your face many times but that is the only thing that gives you strength to keep going and be very adamant about it.

We always wonder about not getting what we want in the way we want it. Remember you potentials are always greater than what you know now just like your shadow. It take right perception and right reflection to realize and become your very self.

Do you also have a similar experience where you underestimated your potentials and when you realized it, you created wonders ? Share your thoughts.



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