Letter from a daughter to her SUPERHERO

papa 1

My father has always been my SUPERHERO. Our relation has been more like a cocktail of the fiercest winter and the brightest spring. One day you will find me waiting for him to tell him that I won a prize in debate and another day you will see me debating with him over some petty odd daughter to father kind-a-talks.

I think every girl has had these clashes with the first man of her life, her FATHER. Therefore, today I take this opportunity to pen down some feelings that have been so close to my heart but yet unheard by you, PAPA. There are various times and situations, I like to keep my part, not because I wanted to stand against you but because I love you.

Being the eldest child, I have received utmost pressure of being right and growing as an example to my siblings. I felt that though I tried my best but there has been times when I disappointed you. I really want to tell you that they are the worst times of my life and I regret that. But I also feel that responsibility comes with time and realization too.

I fight for you over my clothes, my choice of friends, my hobbies and my ambition in life but I never mean to disrespect you. I just want to be able enough to share my feelings withyou straightaway. I felt bad how you always pointed to mom that she spoilt me but you know if you will never retrospect you will never know who really spoilt me.

However bad I feel when get upset on me, I cannot let anyone speak against you. That is my exclusive right and till date those who know us, know well that we rarely coincide on one thing, decision or choice but we are too alike to be different. So same same, but different.

With time, you have accepted my various decisions of life, despite all your insecurities and concerns. I would like you to know that I really appreciate it. For me you are my world. Your thoughts matter before any other irrelevant, relevant, related, not related person to me. I just want to take my chances, make my choices. Some wrong but some right too. I want to learn how to judge people, I want to grow in a perspective which is much more than an old traditional approach and I want you to grow with me.

There have been occasions, when I got upset on you. Sometimes I even exploded because I felt it to be completely wrong. For that I just want to say that it was never a war about who was right and wrong, it was just about a difference of perception. I always wanted to be my papa’s best friend rather than his daughter because I know after mom, or mostly before her you consider my opinions and views.

In this 23 years of my life’s journey, I have grown fond of you much more. Now that I am living abroad, I realize that talking to mom wouldn’t soothe me that much as listening to you. I like how you hide your emotions and still stay ‘I miss you’ to me in a shy man’s tone. I know you strive day and night to give our family the best time of our life. How you have made a lot of sacrifices for me since my birth and tried to hide most of them but I know about them all, most of them I guess. The only thing I want from you is trust for lifetime and love. And no matter where I go, whomsoever I meet, you are always in my mind and I have just now made you FAMOUS for being my dad.


P.S. No responsibilty taken of the  repercussions, whatsoever and on whomsoever 😉



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