and I started writing again…..

AE0394D2-3B88-4698-8E76-ECB5CE6DBA8E(Right when I started writing diary in March 2018, this was the very first page of my Diary. It was the time when my long-awaited dream of getting engaged/ rokafied to the man of my life was about to come true in a month. And I was overwhelmed with so many emotions and the distance.)

It’s been a long time, since I wrote to you. A lot has changed since we spoke last and most of them for the better.

I have always missed you, still do. Hope this time we will be in touch for much longer.

Today, as I set to write this, I feel grateful for a lot of things and majorly people who I have in my life. For Manila, who fights unnecessarily and still loves me with all her life. For Himani, my silent sunshine and love with so much admiration for me, though she is the one who always gets to bear my worst for the most part. For Mudit, I don’t even know where to begin and how to stop talking about this person. TOUCHWOOD. He has really helped me shape my life, truly.

I am still trying to understand Harshit & Honey more. Also my boss. Hoping that all this everyday drama with them will come to an end someday or I am able to understand them better or vice versa. But hopefully, it will all be good. Thinking of all of this as my daughter-in-law kind of rehearsals or maybe just a daughter to a new family. I will take the latter.

Now I get even less time to talk at home because of my workplace regulations, also to Mudit and his home as well. Hopefully, I will be able to balance it better.

I also want Badi Bua to make it to our ROKA. It will be a BIG DAY for me. I really want to be near her & dad. I MISS YOU, DAD. I know you will be the happiest person on this day but sadly I cannot see it……………………..

I am just missing out on a lot of things, preparations for my roka. Can you believe my own, first pre marriage ceremony and I am here 12529 kms apart sitting in my office, scribbling on my notepad and pouring my heart out. I feel really homesick right now but then I realize that all of this is going to be just fine….the important thing is that I am getting engaged to the love of my life and whatever I wear, he will like it. He always does ♥♥


With Love & Happiness

∞ Renuka ∞


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  1. Mudit Arora says:

    The way you pendown❤️

    You have that power in your words that the readers get captivated by your words😍

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