the realization of missing family but being blessed…

hello diary 3

(Somewhere in Mid April 2018, when the weather was both happy and gloomy and I sat down to right the mixed emotions I was having.)

The weather in Toronto is having mood swings, again. Aaj Mudit ki, Ghar ki, chal rahi preparations ki bahut yaad aayi. Oh God !!!!!!! I am missing out on sooooo many things. Yeah yeah I know ki I should still be happy and grateful. And trust me, I am. Much more than I have ever been in my life but still, missing out on every single preparation happening for my D-Day at home is a feeling I can’t override.

I am sorry Mudit for not being there when you want to see me, take me places, go shopping with me. I am sorry Mumma for not being able to explore the entire Civil Lines market with you for that one ‘Best Suit’. I am sorry Biki (my brother), for not being there to make you shop like a blogger’s bhai. I hope, I will make up for all of this someday.

Just 1 month left to everything becoming damn OFFICIAL ! Seriously, cannot wait. Although everything has become official so many times between us but frankly this is that one thing I can do over & over & again with this one person. Just one excuse is all that we need and we can organize something again.

I wish I could hug all of them, right now and express how much thankful and grateful I am for this gift of a lifetime.

Just want to sit in a room full of candle lights, wine and pizza and chocolates and my love and life is instantaneously good even by the thought of this.




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