to the best of love & the best of friendship…

(In April 2018, when I was feeling grateful for two amazing people I have )

Trying to catch up on my diary writing since we last spoke. It has been busy few days but so much fun so can’t complain.

The shoot this weekend was GREAT. Thanks to Manas ! He thinks that I don’t realize but I know that he totally dislikes my shoot thingy even though he loves seeing me do well in blogging. But I understand that photography is just a leisure for him and he hates it when I try being bossy and specific about the pictures I want. But it’s fine, because this is something he does, only and only because he is my FRIEND and I am forever grateful for that.

Here, we are now. A lot has changed between us, his nature, my nature, his feelings and my feelings. We have grown as individuals and most of the things have changed for good. Today, I feel more connected to him but more responsible also. Leaving all the lows and fights we ever had. I am only focusing on how good, actually GREAT our friendship is. **TOUCHWOOD**

And Mudit, I am so blessed to have you. You know what sometimes, I just want to cryyyyy, cry because of the love that brims my heart, cry because of how you look at me in a helpless but utterly lovable long distance lover type (hahaha), cry because the way you make me feel so good, better and best every single time even miles apart, cry because even when we Facetime you express your love in so many ways that makes me speechless and much more in love with you. Yes, I love you and I am falling more and more and more in love with you with every passing day. **TOUCHWOOD**

Thankful for these two incredible people in my life. Life is so much easier and lively with them.

To the best of love and the best of friendship !

Ending this incredible year, wishing everyone ‘A very HAPPY NEW YEAR.’ People can come & go but memories stay forever.

With Love

∞ Renuka ∞



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  1. Mudit Arora says:

    Always was, am and will always be with you. I love you my love.
    So blessed to have you.
    May over love grow with each passing second.**TOUCHWOOD**

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    1. Love you more ❤️


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